Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Headline News Now Comes In LOL Edition!

Posted by Teresa at 10:54 AM
Um, I don't think I need a comedy news show on CNN's Headline News to
make me laugh. I think just reading news stories about Hillary grossly
exaggerating her trip to Bosnia in 1996 and James Carville comparing Bill
Richardson to Judas already give me chuckle. But if you insist, CNN:
Headline News will be sacrificing newsmakers to the comedy
gods with "Not Just Another Cable News Show," a half-hour
skein set for the 7 p.m. timeslot Saturdays and Sundays starting
April 5.

It will re-air at 9 p.m. and midnight.

In the tradition of "Weekend Update" and "The Half Hour News
Hour," "News Show" will skewer celebs, dumb crooks and, in the
premiere episode, political screwups.

"News Show" will pull footage from CNN's archives as well as from
recent news.The first episode will feature commentators including
Time.com's Washington editor Ana Marie Cox, L.A. Times columnist
Joel Stein, Republican strategist Amy Holmes, Huffington Post media
editor Rachel Sklar and comic Hugh Fink.

"News Show" is exec produced by Conway Cliff, who also produces
Headline News' recent success story "The Glenn Beck Show."
Oh, and I can see why Ana Marie Cox will be on the show. I just find it absolutely
hilarious (or sickening) when she calls Bush a war criminal. For example, when she
Bush's song: "You're all gonna miss me," &c to the tune of (if you will)
"the brown, brown grass of home." For a war criminal, he's v funny.
But hey she just works for Time.com and now will be appearing on Headline News.
That's the type of insightful commentary we need in our non-partisan news rooms!
But like The State of the News Media reports we are increasing looking for Journalism
of Affirmation and not to be challenged.



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