Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Democratic Primary '08 - Welcome to the Chaos!

Posted by Teresa at 7:29 PM

Disclaimer: Not an actual picture of a Democratic Party member.

Sorry but I'm just gonna yell it: WHAT THE HELL IS GOIN' ON WITH
THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY! The Dems have gotten themselves into
an absolute mess, no doubt about it:

Twenty top Hillary fundraisers and donors have sent a
scathing private letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi,
chastising her for publicly saying that the super-delegates
should support the winner of the pledged delegate count and
demanding that she say that they should make an "independent"

Darn those super-flyin'- Party lovin'- popular vote discountin'- suit wearin'-
nominee decidin'- delegates!


Jason on 12:13 AM, March 28, 2008 said...

Ostriches have always freaked me out. . .no bird should be that big.

Emu's are cool though.


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