Monday, March 31, 2008

Join the Global Warming Cause, It's Like Stopping Fascism

Posted by Teresa at 7:25 PM
We must stop global warming or climate change (I forget what they call it sometimes,
it changes everyday)! It's like when we stopping fascism in Europe during WWII,
don't you know:

An advertising campaign will equate the climate-change movement with
other grand historic endeavors, like stopping fascism in Europe during
World War II
, overcoming segregation in the United States and putting
the first man on the moon.

I'm sorry but are we in such a search of a 'great cause' of our time that we need a
$300 million dollars advertising campaign to compare global warming to what The
Greatest Generation faced and also segregation. There's no comparison, what so
ever. Note to environmental fanatics: If it was such a historic cause than you probably
wouldn't have to spend a ridiculous amount of money to tell us that it is.

Here's Al Gore on 60 minutes:



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