Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Less Credible Than A Politician

Posted by Teresa at 7:03 PM

You know you've absolutely lost all credibility when the public believes a
POLITICIAN over you. Look at this Annenberg Election Survey:
Two-thirds of adults in the U.S. heard or read about the New York
Times February 21 story alluding to a potentially inappropriate
relationship between Republican presidential hopeful Senator John
McCain and a female lobbyist during his presidential bid in 2000,
according to recent data collected by the University of Pennsylvania’s
National Annenberg Election Survey. Of those who were aware of the
story, twice as many people stated that Senator McCain’s version of
events was more believable than those reported in the Times story.
I'm think I might just stop my "the media has a liberal bias" rants now. Indeed,
there certainly might be a slant but if this survey is correct people see right
through it. So it doesn't matter!

It's odd. These news outlets will do just about anything to advance their liberal
ideology through the telling of current events. However, they continue to lose the
single thing that keeps them in business... credibility.



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