Monday, March 10, 2008

Vatican lists "new sins," and polluting is one of them

Posted by Teresa at 5:25 PM
First, I want to apologize for blogging late in the day. I didn't have internet
access this afternoon because of horrible weather we've been experiencing.
I forgot how scary thunderstorms are until one came my way suddenly while
I was driving to the doctor's office.

Speaking of weather and Mother Earth, the Vatican came out with a list of
'new sins'
and pollution made it on the list:
Girotti, in an interview headlined "New Forms of Social Sin," also
listed "ecological" offences as modern evils.

In recent months, Pope Benedict has made several strong appeals
for the protection of the environment, saying issues such as climate
change had become gravely important for the entire human race.

Under Benedict and his predecessor John Paul, the Vatican has become
progressively "green."
Oh, and it's not just Vatican City taking on the issue:
Signaling a significant departure from the Southern Baptist Convention’s
official stance on global warming, 44 Southern Baptist leaders have decided
to back a declaration calling for more action on climate change, saying its
previous position on the issue was “too timid.”

The largest denomination in the United States after the Roman Catholic
Church, the Southern Baptist Convention, with more than 16 million
members, is politically and theologically conservative.

Yet its current president, the Rev. Frank Page, signed the initiative, “A
Southern Baptist Declaration on the Environment and Climate Change.”
Two past presidents of the convention, the Rev. Jack Graham
and the Rev. James Merritt, also signed.
I'm so glad Christian communities are speaking out about pollution, global warming,
climate change, or whatever you choose to call environmental issues. I've said it
before but I'll say it again we don't need science (although it helps) to tell us to conserve
natural resources and take care of the our land. I believe it's more of a heart issue than
a policy problem. Therefore, having religious leaders tug on the heart strings of their
congregation helps.

I did a really quick Google search of what the Bible says about the environment and
found this article.

Enjoy this video I did a while back:



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