Sunday, April 13, 2008


Posted by Teresa at 10:14 AM
I'm noticing a major theme with Obama. He seems to boil down all
the problems in America to economics, as he did with his latest gaffe.
Last night I was looking through archives of my favorite radio
show, The Dennis Prager Show. I came across a show Prager did
four days after the Virginia Tech murders and he talks about some
odd comparisons Sen. Obama made to the tragedy. Politico quoted
him as saying:

So he moves quickly to the abstract: Violence, and the general
place of violence in American life.

"There's also another kind of violence that we're going to have
to think about. It's not necessarily the physical violence, but the
violence that we perpetrate on each other in other ways," he
said, and goes on to catalogue other forms of "violence."

There's the "verbal violence" of Imus.

There's "the violence of men and women who have worked all
their lives and suddenly have the rug pulled out from under them
because their job is moved to another country."

I thought these comments were interesting in light of his recent comments.



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