Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Obama and Hillary Debate

Posted by Teresa at 9:41 PM
Being the dorky politico lover that I am, I spent my night watching Sen.
Clinton and Sen. Obama debate. The first hour was spent grilling the
candidates about the Jeremiah Wright debacle, "bitter"-gate, Obama not
wearing a flag pin and the Hillary's Bosnia sniper tale. Of course, the left
blogosphere (just go check out Daily Kos and Crooks and Liars) is claiming
that the more important issues weren't being discussed. Well, the more
important issues were discussed but that was the second hour. Actually,
Sen. Obama gave a better answer on the issue of Iraq, Sen. Clinton basically
said she's drawing down troops not matter what the generals on the ground
tell her. Plus, we've heard about the same lines over and over again about
their health care plans.

Clip (via HotAir):


Second clip (via HotAir):


Update: Wow, they are gong nuclear over at, decrying a
bias against Obama. They did grill him with some hard questions. It's kind
of funny hearing liberals calling foul on bias. Remember the CNN Republican
debate where all the questions were all about the Bible, guns, and abortion?
Oh, and it also had plants.<



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