Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hey, Have Seen Hillary?

Posted by Teresa at 7:10 PM
Hillary who?:

While Senator Barack Obama gingerly commended his rival's
"perseverance," the shrinking candidacy of Senator Hillary
Rodham Clinton has all but vanished from the television set,
sidelined by bigger news.

Even her victory speech in Kentucky on Tuesday, shown live
on cable news, was given perfunctory attention - a footnote
to someone else's page in history. When MSNBC called the
Kentucky primary early in the evening, Tim Russert, host of
"Meet the Press," said her success with women and blue-collar
voters "means Senator Obama has a lot of work to do" and
sketched a rehabilitation plan. He did not mention Clinton by
name in that disquisition.

Political analysts on cable news have been saying for weeks
that the delegate math did not add up for Clinton. But those
warnings were belied by a constant stream of images of her
in Easter-egg-colored pantsuits vigorously shaking hands and
rousing crowds along the campaign trail. Her numerical odds
may have dimmed quite a while ago, but her star power - and
sheer tenacity - kept her on screen.

Oh, that Hillary. Leave it to the Joy Behar from "The View" to say something
profound in her impending departure. Continued from the International Herald

That serenity is not yet shared by women who identify with Clinton.
Whoopi Goldberg asked her co-hosts on "The View" how they would
describe Clinton's historic battle for the Democratic nomination.

"A man took it away from a woman," Joy Behar replied. "Then they
yelled at her for complaining about it."

I couldn't have said it better, Joy. Oh wait, I probably could have.



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