Saturday, May 31, 2008

Howard Dean Calls Justices Who Sided with Bush in 2000, 'Intellectually Bankrupted"'

Posted by Teresa at 12:25 PM
The Democrat Party's extremely tight primary apparently has rehashed some
very bitter feelings over the nail-biting 2000 election. Compound the current
situation with an HBO movie that seeks to rekindle frustrations with the
election. While speaking before the Rules and Bylaws Committee, DNC
Chairman Howard Dean bought up the 2000 election. Here's what he said:

...except for Al Gore. Who whatever I had been through, he had the
presidency snatched from him forty days before the election by five
intellectually bankrupted Supreme Court justices, who did the wrong

He then goes on to talk about "healing America at home."

Here's the video:

First, I would like to ask what is he talking about when states the presidency was
snatched "forty days before the election"? If he's talking about Gore v. Bush, that
was decided in December
. He should know that. So George Bush managed to "snatch"
the election even before votes had been casted. Man, this president is some evil
genius managing to do that.

Second, what a low blow it is calling Supreme Court justices "intellectually bankrupt."
Like I said in my post about character assassination in this hyper-partisan world
people can't be just be wrong, they are to be demeaned. I would like to note Justice
Scalia has called Justice Ginsburg "his best friend on the Court," and they are on the
opposite sides ideologically. Dean, however, can't put ideological differences away for
a moment and has to take a cheap shot.


Tony Katz on 8:32 AM, June 01, 2008 said...

You make a great point regarding easily accepted Leftist vitriol. It is amazing what those on the Left can say and no one comments on it, reports it, calls it into question or laughs out loud about it. Except, of course, bloggers who pay attention and are committed to conversation rather than crass indignation.

As for Gov. Dean and those who still believe in the stolen election theorem, it is sad to hear those kinds of comments about the Court. If, for any other reason, that the Left loves the Court. They believe in legislating from the bench, and the Court (Supreme or otherwise) is where they go to get their way. The one time the Court doesn't do their bidding, it is wrong, worthless, and - as you stated - intellectually bankrupt. Only the Left, with the complicit MSM, could think they could get away with such a statement. I'm glad you're not letting them.

Keep writing, and I'll keep reading.

Tony Katz


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