Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Ironies of Election 2008

Posted by Teresa at 6:53 PM
I think the best stories are entrenched with irony. This presidential election has
been full of one ironic tale after another. That's why it has been so exciting. I
thought I would make a list of them. Here it goes:

1) The female candidate is considered more ballsy than her male Democratic

2) Hillary Clinton accused of acting like a Republican.

3) Bill Clinton being out-"changed."

4) Finding out it's not only Republicans that don't like the Clintons.

5) Democrats admitting the Clintons are major liars.

6) George Stephanopoulos accused of using the "Republican playbook."

7) Bill Clinton being out shined.

8) Rush Limbaugh asking people to vote for Hillary Clinton.

9) Ann Coulter saying she will campaign for Hillary Clinton.

10) Hillary Clinton admitting how crazy those people over at
are, which by the way happened to be formed to oppose her husband's

11) Terry McAuliffe (a Democrat) calling Fox News fair and balanced.

12) Finding out that the left has some nutty pastors too.

13) Perhaps Democrats realizing how stupid proportional representation

14) Democrats not wanting to count the votes in Florida.

15) A comedy show (SNL) waking up the news media to how pathetic they
look fawning over a particular liberal candidate.


joshpaul on 9:12 PM, May 01, 2008 said...

Great overview of the insanity thus far. Thanks.

Jason on 10:28 PM, May 01, 2008 said...

#14 needs a post all it's own


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