Monday, May 12, 2008

New Show on CBS About Swingers

Posted by Teresa at 2:53 PM
Network television has just been HBO-ized. Why even waste your money
on premium cable anymore? From the New York Times:

WHEN the television series “Swingtown” has its premiere on
June 5, viewers can expect to see the following scenes in the
first episode: a ménage à trois; a high school junior smoking pot
and later flirting with her English teacher; the flagrant enjoyment
of quaaludes and cocaine; and the sight of the neighborhood scold
unwittingly stumbling upon a groaning and slithering orgy.
“Why don’t you kick your shoes off, Mom, and join the party?”
is how a middle-aged participant, clad only in mutton chops, says

Debauchery, however, is only an appetizer for the main
story line: the open marriage of an airline pilot and his wife,
who, in pursuit of new partners, set about seducing the
businessman and housewife who have just moved in across the

Seems like something that would be right at home on HBO or Showtime,
where programs tend to loiter in the muck of moral ambiguity. But
Swingtown,” a one-hour scripted drama, will appear on CBS. Though
perhaps not as prim and upstanding as it was when shows like “Murder,
She Wrote” and “Touched by an Angel” defined its airwaves, this network
tends to be more decorous than others where sex is concerned. So basing
a series on sexual experimentation and other taboos, even if from a
bygone era — “Swingtown” is set in the mid-1970s — is a notable
experiment in and of itself.

Here's the trailer:

From what I can gather from the trailer the point of the show is the "good ol' times"
weren't as innocent as they seemed, which is probably true. I was born in the 1980s
so I'm no expert on the 1970s but if not mistaken the main difference between the
debauchery of today and back then is that we didn't try to give this type of behavior
any normalcy by putting this smut on prime time network television. This show
almost makes the 1990s, with television shows like "Friends" and having to hear about
the sex life of the president of the United States on the nightly news, as the "better



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