Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wow, You Mean Evangelicals Aren't a Monolithic Group?

Posted by Teresa at 5:16 PM
Is it just me or does the author of this Washington Post article seem a little too
surprised that there are some smart Evangelicals out there?:

BOSTON -- For decades, Boston University sociologist Peter Berger
says, American intellectuals have looked down on evangelicals.

Educated people have the notion that evangelicals are "barefoot
people of Tobacco Road who, I don't know, sleep with their sisters
or something," Berger says.

It's time that attitude changed, he says.

I'm shocked! I can't control my confusion! My mind has just been absolutely
blown away by this piece of information provided by the Washington Post. I'm
going to have cross out "Evangelicals are a bunch of incestuous idiots," off my
list of stereotypes.


Sean Hackbarth on 7:15 PM, May 18, 2008 said...

For too many (Right and Left) evangelicals are from another world. Some of that is due to the parallel world of Christian culture (music and books) that's developed.

Such an attitude does ignore the millions who lives in both worlds.


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