Friday, June 6, 2008

Confirmed on Daily Kos: John McCain is a Sexist

Posted by Teresa at 7:39 PM
Apparently, Sen. John McCain can't even compliment Sen. Hillary Clinton's
long presidential bid without being called a sexist over at Daily Kos. The Kos
diarist writes:

Yes Senator McCain's obvious pandering to Clinton supporters was

Yes it was petty and obviously a political play.

But more importantly, something others do not seem to be realizing
is that

Senator McCain's pandering was and is completely and thoroughly

Lodging names such as "sexist" for political gain is unsavory. To state the complete
obvious: Sexism is a ugly and wrong. Instead, the writer's convoluted logic is: He's
trying to sway Hillary Clinton voters whom have different political stances on abortion
than John McCain, therefore, he's a sexist. To agree with the Daily Kos diarist one
has to believe that being pr0-life is sexist and in that narrow view women who
oppose Roe v. Wade are also chauvinistic.

People should be very careful about throwing this label around without providing
hard proof. It also lessens the impact of the using the loaded term.



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