Thursday, June 19, 2008

How to Contradict Yourself In A Few Paragraphs

Posted by Teresa at 6:53 PM
Matt Taibbi, a Rolling Stone writer who writes grotesque stuff like this, managed
to contradict himself in a matter of two paragraphs in his latest article. He writes
in the second to the last paragraph:

Never mind that Iraq isn't exactly Vietnam, or that Barack Obama
isn't Jane Fonda — what matters is that the Republicans nominated a wounded
old soldier who now gets to spend the next five months trying to exorcise
his personal demons, and this serendipitous circumstance fits nicely with
the party's national strategy, despite the fact that pinning these old hurts
on the likes of Obama makes no sense at all.

He's stating that Iraq isn't Vietnam. Let's move on to the next paragraph now:

In the present day, it is George Bush who got us into this new
Vietnam-like mess and revived the specter of tortured prisoners,
but McCain's anger isn't focused in that direction.

So after saying that Iraq isn't 'exactly' like Vietnam in the next paragraph he then
calls Iraq the "new Vietnam-like mess." His argument is: John McCain is reliving
the "old battles" of Vietnam but he doesn't realize Iraq is not like Vietnam. He
then goes on to argue that he should be angry at the real perpetrators of the modern
day "Vietnam-like mess."


baxtrice on 5:25 PM, June 21, 2008 said...

Eh, Rolling Stone is a joke anyway.
--Disgruntled Rush (the band, not the talk show host) fan.


Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!


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