Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jack Cafferty Ponders "Why Won’t Congress Consider Impeaching Pres. Bush?"

Posted by Teresa at 3:04 PM
Sounding like an impeachment obsessed left-wing blogger Jack Cafferty asked
today "Why won’t Congress consider impeaching Pres. Bush?" In his blog posting
he writes, "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi long ago made it known that impeachment
is “off the table.” This is a joke. We have a president who has abused the
power of
his office over and over again. It’s what got the Democrats elected
to the majority in Congress in 2006." It's funny how he never mentions exactly how
Bush has abused his power. It should somehow be evident to all of us. If a contributor
to a news organization and their Web site is going to claim the president of the United
States has abused his power so much so that he should be impeached then shouldn't
Cafferty back it up with some tangible proof. That is what a person with journalistic
integrity would do. Impeachment talk is designed to try rile people up with
anger and if the the comments to his post are any indication that is exactly what
Cafferty did.

Cafferty is not the only cable news personality talking about impeachment. On
Wednesday's show of "Countdown with Keith Olbermann, " the host theorized that
perhaps the impeachment trials of Bill Clinton were in some way done to immunize
George W. Bush. Here's a partial transcript:

But one political history, recent history, when President Clinton was
impeached, the Republicans not only hobbled the sitting president, but
they seemed to have succeeded in putting the Democrats on the defensive
to the point that they would not even consider hearings on such a thing
now, in the face of, at least, large volumes of evidence if not overwhelming

It‘s almost as if the impeachment of Clinton, if you want to be
conspiratory (ph) on - I‘m not saying I‘m doing it this
way - but see, it
reads as history, reading backwards, as if the
Clinton impeachment was
arranged to preclude the impeachment
of the, you know, completely
malevolent Republican president
who followed him.

Did the Republicans achieve pretty much everything they‘ve
wanted, they could have dreamt of or maybe something couldn‘t
have dreamt of by impeaching Bill Clinton?

FINEMAN: Yes. Well, I don‘t even think the most conspiratorial of
them could have thought this scenario up. But it is true that we have
about one impeachment in this (ph) generation, it seems.

Wow, Keith. So the evil Republicans knew George W. Bush was going to come in and
commit "high crimes and misdemeanors," therefore, they decided to put Bill Clinton
trial. Did these clairvoyant Republicans also know about the 9/11 terrorist attacks
before they happened?



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