Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Presidential Candidates Don't Care About High Gas Prices

Posted by Teresa at 4:07 PM
Yep. Barack Obama and John McCain simply don't care about how high
prices have risen. Sen. Obama would have "preferred a gradual adjustment"
to the high prices:

He then blames it on President Bush. Ridiculous! No, Sen. Obama, President
Bush has wanted to increase oil production and explore in ANWR since the
beginning, it's Congress who won't act! I guess it's no big deal that we are
spending so much on fuel and food since we are saving the planet from it's
impeding doom, like Al Gore tell us.

Oh and Sen. McCain is just as infuriating on the issue also. It seems we all are
just have to bunker down and "adjust" to the gas prices because we have
a bunch pandering politicians back in D.C., folks. They don't care.



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