Thursday, June 5, 2008

Read and Ponder

Posted by Teresa at 8:13 PM
I've read three interesting commentary pieces today. I thought I would share
them with you.

The first is titled, "Holiday in Hellmouth" by James Wood. I concede to atheist
that my belief in God does not satisfactorily answer the question of human suffering.
However, I submit to you that neither does atheism.

The second suggested reading is "Redeeming Dubya,"by Ross Douthat.
The article basically argues that history will probably redeem George Bush's
presidency but that's not a good thing. I think it's premature at this point
to try to predict how history will look back at the current president. It
could be negative, it could be positive, or perhaps a little of both. I know with
low approval ratings right now it's hard to imagine a positive outlook but
when everything is taken as a whole and evaluated through the lens of past
things have a way of looking differently. I only hope whatever is written in
the history books it will be truthful and puts our current times in context.
One thing is for sure this president has stirred up a lot of emotion (good and

It will be interesting to see how we judge not just George Bush but this whole
period. In the past seven years we've seen a terrorist attacks inside on our
homeland, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the natural disaster of Katrina.
Those are not events you can just easily reflect upon. They take time to

My third suggested reading is "The Bad War," by Victor Davis Hanson. The
article is a response to Pat Buchanan's new book "Churchill, Hitler, and the
Unnecessary War." I like Hanson's point about America could do "good without
having to be perfect." In that way America is just like an individual. No one is
perfect and without fault but that doesn't make them bad.

Also, it's easy to say in hindsight one should have done this or that instead.
However, unless one has lived through the moment and the fear, it's not
that easy to say this what should have happened.

So that's what I've been reading. Ponder and comment, please.



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