Friday, July 18, 2008


Posted by Teresa at 2:02 PM
I'm reading the first chapter of the book, "Millennial Makeover" and the writers
argue that political dominance comes in cycles, which makes sense. They bullet
pointed the eras of political dominance throughout history:
  • 1828-1856- Democrats won 6 of 8 presidential elections (75%)
  • 1860-1892- Republicans won 7 of 9 presidential elections (78%)
  • 1896-1928- Republicans won 7 of 9 presidential elections (78%)
  • 1932-1964- Democrats won 7 of 9 presidential elections (78%)
  • 1968-2004- Republicans won 7 of 10 presidential elections (70%)
Obviously, the Republican Party has been the dominant force in politics in the
past thirty years. This election has been called a "change" election. Do you think
we are about to see a political realignment to the left?

I, personally, don't think it's a given the realignment will happen this election
year. I think our country is still divided and we will probably see another close
election like the past two elections. Also, one way to know a shift is about to
occur is by party identification and Democrats are winning that one. However,
Republicans might win out this year because they chose a candidate who has
crossover appeal.
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