Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Newt Gingrich Advices McCain Not to Pick a Boring, Republican, White Guy

Posted by Teresa at 3:15 PM

I understand where Newt is coming from. With all the excitement surrounding the
Obama and Hillary campaigns, it will generally just look bad not to have some diversity
on the ticket. However, it will also look too obvious. Newt suggests picking Bobby Jindal
of Louisiana or Sarah Palin of Alaska. They are both relatively unknown to the public and
new to the scene so I'm not sure how much excitement they would generate to the ticket.
That being said Mitt Romney (who is getting all the veep buzz) isn't going to bring
excitement to the ticket either. He's too stuffy.

I think Republicans are just going to reside themselves to the fact that Team McCain
is not going generate much enthusiasm from his supporters. So what? It's the executive
branch of the federal government, not American Idol. It is not going to be the end of
the world if when you pull the lever you don't feel like doing a cartwheel or a fist pump.
Let's continually keep an eye out for up and coming talent that can stir up a crowd
and get things going. It's just not probably going be this year.
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