Thursday, July 3, 2008

Obama Might 'Refine' Iraq Timeline

Posted by Teresa at 5:03 PM
And there you go the differences between Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain regarding
Iraq are starting to disappear:

FARGO, N.D. – Senator Barack Obama said Thursday the
United States cannot sustain a long-term military presence
in Iraq, but added that he would be open to “refine my policies”
about a timeline for withdrawing troops after meeting with
American military commanders during a trip to Iraq later this

Mr. Obama, whose popularity in the Democratic primary was
built upon a sharp opposition to the war and an often-touted
16-month gradual timetable for removing combat troops,
dismissed suggestions that he was changing positions in the
wake of reductions in violence in Iraq and a general election
fight with Senator John McCain.

This was basically one of the issues that did Hillary Clinton in. Now the only
difference I see between Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain when it comes to the
issue of Iraq is that Obama opposed the war since the beginning. However, he
was not in the Senate back in 2002 to actually vote against the authorization
nor did he have the intelligence other members of Congress had. So what does
it really matter?

He later tried to walk back his comments:

“I intend to end this war... That position has not changed. I have not
equivocated on that position. I am not searching for maneuvering
room with respect to that position.”

Well John McCain has said if elected we will exit Iraq by 2013. So he too
wants to end the war. Big deal!

Also, a Democratic Congress continues to provide war funding. All these wasted
years of heated political debate and name calling, is for what now? There's literary
little difference between the two parties when it comes to Iraq.

So much for the rhetoric of the "failed policies" of the evil and warmongering
George W. Bush , as the netroots like to caste him. Obama is basically advocating
the same thing President Bush has been saying for a long time, which is to listen
the commanders on the ground. I'm glad Sen. Obama is now flexible about
his exit strategy. He should be.

So if you're going to vote in November thinking that the two candidates had
diametrically opposing views on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, you might
want to vote on another issue. I hear Obama can slow the rise of the oceans.



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