Thursday, July 10, 2008


Posted by Teresa at 9:20 PM
I was listening to The Dennis Prager Show today and I thought he made a
good point about Jesse Jackson's remarks. I'm paraphrasing but he argued
that he didn't like the fact that private comments were being reported. I
agree with him on that point. Public people now have to guard their words
even when they are having a private conversation. On the other hand, Rev.
Jackson should have known that if a mike is around there's a possibly
someone is going to pick up his conversation.

Public personalities and officials are always going to be under scrutiny, that's
a given. However, they should be allowed a certain amount of privacy, even if
it is to say ridiculous and ugly things. Taking private comments by politicians
and those active in politics and broadcasting them all over television is not a
good trend.

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