Tuesday, July 8, 2008

They Said What !?! 07-08-2008

Posted by Teresa at 8:26 PM

I haven't done one of these since March so it's time. Sen. McCain has a weird sense
of humor

PITTSBURGH — Cindy McCain’s jab to her husband’s back came a
second too late Tuesday to keep him from making a wisecrack about
the health impact of Iran’s main import from the United States:

Republican presidential candidate John McCain was asked about an
Associated Press report that $158 million in cigarettes have been
shipped to Iran during George W. Bush’s presidency despite restrictions
on U.S. exports to that country.

“Maybe that’s a way of killing them,” McCain told reporters, smiling as
he waited for a cheesesteak sandwich at the Primanti Brothers
restaurant. His wife, sitting next to him at the counter, poked his back
without looking up.

“I meant that as a joke,” McCain quickly explained. “As a person who
hasn’t had a cigarette in 28 years,” he began to say, when his wife
corrected him: 29 years.


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