Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This Isn't Journalism Anymore

Posted by Teresa at 11:53 AM
In my last piece about Fox News, I pretty much gave them credit for the way
they handle political commentary. Today I'm not going to be so nice. Yesterday
I learned that they Geraldo Rivera had aired footage of a Russian model's body
after committing suicide, which a producer is now saying was an "error." (The
link to the Huffington Post doesn't have any of the gruesome footage or pictures.)
Absolutely appalling. That's tabloid material not journalism.

This morning I was watching 'Fox and Friends' and spotted this:

They spent valuable airtime attacking The New York Times for this article.
The piece is pretty innocuous, nothing to get worked up about. The graphics
department even took the time to make a ridiculous Photo Shopped picture:

I know morning television "news" programs have become more chatter than actual
news content, but this is getting out of hand.

They could have spent more time with talking with their reporter in Jerusalem, where
a terrorist used a bulldozer to kill two people. The attack happened "right outside the
Fox News bureau," according the 'Fox and Friends' anchors.

Update: Media Matters picked up the story.



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