Sunday, August 17, 2008

Big-Picture Issues

Posted by Teresa at 3:43 PM
Does Keith Olbermann realize how idiotic and self-important he sounds?
From an article published by American Journalism Review:

Nevertheless, Olbermann says newspapers play a diminishing
role in how he presents and comments on the news each night.
"For us in particular, I don't think a newspaper story dictates
our lead, or significantly shapes our entire rundown, more than
once every couple of weeks," he says. Conversely, he adds,
"I don't know that anything I've done here has ever dictated
how newspapers have covered a specific story, but I think
of the Special Comments [Olbermann's lengthy
and often angry
outbursts of personal opinion] put a
spotlight on big-picture issues
some of the papers, and
indeed most of the political figures, were
not willing or
able to address
," such as the rights of jailed terrorism

The whole point of the article is to point out that cable news repeats the
same sound bites all day and none of it is original reporting. There's no
depth in cable news coverage. Apparently Olbermann had no idea what
the reporter was interviewing him about because he says the exact opposite
of what they were fishing for. He tells the reporter that he is able to put
a spotlight on 'big-picture issues' the way papers can't. How ridiculous is
that? Everyone knows if you open up a newspaper you're going to get more
in-depth coverage with feature stories than watching cable news. Oh, and
how is naming General David Petraeus 'worser' person in the world putting
a spotlight in 'big-picture issues'?
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