Saturday, August 16, 2008

Faith Forum

Posted by Teresa at 11:00 PM
I watched the Faith Forum tonight and I got major headache after viewing so
that's why I'm posting this late. (No, my headache wasn't due to listening two
politicians, I don't know what brought it on but I took some Tylenol). I liked the
fact that they asked both John McCain and Barack Obama the exact same
questions but in separate interviews. Sen. McCain clearly seemed more comfortable
in this interview format and that may be due to the fact they were in front of an
evangelical crowd, which tends to be more friendly with the GOP on issues like
abortion. However, I noticed they gave Obama a standing ovation so it wasn't a
hostile crowd by any means.

The question where I can see the most drastic difference between the two
candidates was on the question of evil. CNN hasn't put up the transcripts
yet so I'm going to paraphrase the responses. Pastor Rick Warren asked if evil
should be negotiated, contained, or defeated. Obama's reply was something to
the affect of facing evil with humility. McCain just straight out and said his usual
line of "following Osama to the gates of hell." Obama thinks in nuances, McCain
much of straight shooter with moral clarity. I think there is something to be said
for both ways of thinking. The presidency isn't an easy job and some tough
decisions are often made. It's good to have someone in the Oval Office that
thoroughly weighs the moral decisions he has to make and considers all the
possible repercussions. However, there is also something to be said about
someone with moral clarity. The ability to unequivocally call out evil for it is a
good quality in a leader. I think ultimately that is the fundamental difference
between the two candidates.
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