Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Greatest Challenge

Posted by Teresa at 12:16 PM
I would like someone who believes global warming is the greatest challenge
we face to explain to me why? I thought of this question after reading this
AP story. Here's an except:

Speaking to a panel of other ex-world leaders, Clinton said the real
issue is whether democracies can deliver after elections are over.

American and world leaders must return their focus to great
challenges like global warming once their fascination with the U.S.
presidential campaign ends, Clinton said.

I just don't get it. If you go to the EPA there is a section called past climate
. The climate is going to change whether we like or not. Why obsess
over it while there are other crucial issues out there? There's poverty, genocide,
and diseases out there, why should climate change or global warming be the
top priority
? We know for sure we can realistically do something about some
of the other issues. I know it's impossible to solve all the problems but there is
things that can be done to alleviate them. We can provide clean water wells to
poor villages. We can distribute medicine to people suffering from AIDS in Africa.
That's doable. I question if we can stop the ocean from receding is doable. I'm
not saying that we shouldn't care about the environment. My question is why
should it be a main focus when it comes to policy?
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