Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Men's Journal Interviews Gavin Newsom

Posted by Teresa at 4:07 PM
In the September 2008 edition of Men's Journal there's a very unusual
interview with the mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom. I can't link
to it because Men's Journal takes a while to post their stuff online so I will
quote from the article written by Daniel Duane. To begin with the article
starts of weird:

I just had an off-the-record phone conversation for 30 minutes
with Bill Clinton, right before you walked in here and if any of
that was taped-recorded? My God," says Newsom, the 40-year-
old mayor of San Francisco , as he sits at his grand City Hall desk.
The Democratic primary is still in full swing, and Hillary's husband
has just finished railing against media mistreatment of his wife,
but Newsom's real point seems to be that Bill Clinton himself
called this office , on this phone.

Um, why is he telling a reporter about an off-the-record conversation
with Bill Clinton?

I love this excerpt:

The aging, toothless crack whores of San Francisco have always
embraced Newsom. It's a phenomenon I've witnessed more than
once, most recently while walking outside the Bill Graham Civic
Auditorium with Newsom and hearing him talk about the foot
massages he givess to homeless people.

The article later goes on to talk about his sex scandals. I have no idea
what he meant by this:

It was like Jesus- the breathe is out, the miracle unmade," as
Newsom later put it to me. A local television station ran a
humiliating segment on how Newsom had broken the "man code"
against "bedding a buddy's wife."

I will link to the article when Men's Journal puts it up on it's site.
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