Friday, August 8, 2008

More Drunk Jokes

Posted by Teresa at 10:43 AM
I can't believe Iliza Shlesinger won Last Comic Standing last night.
Most of her jokes were about being drunk or other drunk people.
I just didn't find her all that funny.

Here's a clip of her stand up:

I have a theory about the way she dresses. I noticed throughout the season she
wore a t-shirt, jeans, and her hair was always in a ponytail. She never dressed
up, even for the finale. Stand-up comedy is all about the words coming out your
mouth and you don't want any distraction from that. That's why comics hate
hecklers. So I think she purposely dressed down so there would be no distraction
from her material. I know comedians don't usually get all dressed, it's a casual
affair. However, I think Ms. Shlesinger dressed down more than necessary.
Also, stand-up comedy is still a male dominated performance art. Ms. Shlesinger
was the first female to win after several seasons. So I think if she were to get
all dressed up for a set she would run the risk of not being taken seriously (I
know it's a funny choice of wording since we're talking about comedy).
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