Saturday, August 9, 2008

OMG! George Bush Checked His Watch!!!

Posted by Teresa at 12:02 PM
Channeling my inner 'progressive' blogger:

How dare George W. Bush check his watch while they were calling out
a very long list of countries during the Olympic Opening Ceremonies!
He can't do a single thing right. What is he going to do next yawn?
That would be so embarrassing. At least he didn't sneeze because
that might be seen by the Chinese as a criticism of their environmental

He has absolutely no right to get bored at any event, especially the Olympics.
This is why we need a President Obama, he will never check his watch
at a sporting event and embarrass all of America.

There is hope. It seems like one of the commenters over at Kos seemed
upset this made it on their front page:

See my diary yesterday.

The Chinese seem to have purposely isolated Bush and sat him
next to Putin due to his brilliant move of having his barking dog
Saakashvili attack Ossetia on August 8.

I am disgusted with Daily Kos that a substantive analysis
dies a swift diary death (although the few who read it thought I
was right on target) while this childish anti-Bushy trash gets put
on the front page.

Makes one think that Kos is just as much of the whole media
establishment as the rest of them, just providing a "safe vent"
on the left, carefully steering outrage in the right, harmless

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