Monday, September 22, 2008

Bash the Media Time!

Posted by Teresa at 1:10 PM
It's been said over and over again: The mainstream media despises conservatives
and they don't even try to hide anymore. What they don't seem to realize how much
their Democrat lovin' bias backfires. They are going to push their agenda and they
don't care how much credibility they lose. However, that doesn't mean conservatives
aren't going to call them out on their lack of objectivity. McCain campaign manager,
Steve Schmidt, went after on The New York Times calling them a "pro-Obama
advocacy organization." Here's the audio:

To be honest I don't even know if the article in Times is correct. It may be.
However, that's what happens when a news organization advocates for a certain
political party, they can't be trusted. Therefore, instead of arguing about the facts
all the accused has to do is say "you're a political partisan." End of conversation.
That's why news organizations should to stay objective.

And don't think people don't angry about how the unfairness. Listen to this woman:

I would note that Republicans have been running against Democrats and the media
for decades now and still manage to squeeze out a win most of the time. So no need
to fret. Perhaps in some ways having the mainstream media on the Dems side actually
is actually a hindrance to them.
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