Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain Calls For Delay of Debate

Posted by Teresa at 4:48 PM
Interesting move by McCain. Obama is rejecting his call. I like the idea in
purely non-political terms. To give the campaigning a few days of rest so
the Senators can do some work in Washington sounds appropriate. No
negative ads, no bickering. In political strategy terms, which is less important,
it could be seen as either a good or bad move by McCain, according to your
perspective. Sen. Obama is calling his bluff and not agreeing to cancel the
debate. Thus, if Sen. McCain decides to attend the debate after all, it might
appear that he's folding to Sen. Obama. However, it might also look partisan
of Obama to put out negative campaign ads these next couple of days while
McCain does not. We will see what happens.
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