Friday, October 10, 2008


Posted by Teresa at 12:11 PM
Another article with so much fallacies, I though I would dissect some
portions. Instead of getting upset, I'm responding.

First line:

And that nagging thought that, no matter how glorious an Obama
win might be, the stunning all-American hole Bush has dug for us
is simply far too deep to emerge from unscathed? Let it go.

Notice it's Bush that has dug in a "hole." I'm not sure what hole he's talking
about. If the 'hole' is war. Yes, it's Bush's fault that there are Islamic terrorists
out there who are willing to kill. Bush's fault! If the 'hole' is the current economic
crisis. Yes, it's Bush's fault that banks were lending people who had no business
owning houses money. Bush's fault!!!

Second line:

Because the truth is, the notion of an Obama presidency yields many
gifts. Foremost: a refreshed intellectual climate, a far higher quality
of basic discourse.

What intellectual climate? Have you gone to left-wing Web sites and it's drivel? Buck
Fush. Oh wow, I'm so enlightened!!! Obama's arguments are not intellectual but
emotional. His supporters are emotion driven. We must get out Iraq now because we
don't like war! We must have universal health insurance (not health care) because
because it's a human "right" and not an individual responsibility! Well, I'm not being
completely honest he is intellectual in one area: abortion. He was able intellectualize
the most radical position on abortion
that I've seen in any national politician.

Third line:

Squinting and bumbling and "is our children learning" are out, articulation
and oratory nuance are in.

Because Obama never bumbles. LOL!

Fourth line:

Will you pause, even for a moment, to mourn the end of shrill "culture war"
quasi-issues that clogged the pores of the national complexion and gave
Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter their careers?

Is this guy really this naive. Bill Clinton was a liberal and there was still a culture
war. If he thinks social conservatives are going to stop caring about cultural issues
because Barack Obama is in the White House then this man is beyond delusional.
If anything a Barack Obama presidency will probably just fuel them. The culture
wars are going to be here for a long time, get use to it!

Fifth line:
Do you see them there, off in the corner of the Olive Garden, re-scouring
"Left Behind: The Final Victory" for something they might've missed, their
skin turning translucent, their cough getting worse, wondering why it didn't
happen for them as the New Reality begins to sink in?

Um, is there something creepy about this columnist capitalizing "New Reality"?

Sixth line:
And they failed. Spectacularly. Historically. Unsurprisingly.

Again the man is delusional. Liberals who've lost almost every presidential in
the past twenty-five years. If anything they have "failed."

Seventh line:

At last, a president who really does care about black people. And
minorities. And women. Children. People who make less than two
million a year. Animals. Ecosystems. Imagine.

If pandering equals love, than yes Democrats sure love minorities. Except minorities
like me who don't agree with them.

The article just gets worst. I will stop here.
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