Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Zero Chance!

Posted by Teresa at 7:18 PM
Mike Silk of Spiritual Politics thinks that Mike Huckabee (who wasn't considered
fiscally conservative for the Republican base during the primary) might already be
looking ahead with his opposition to the bailout:

Remember Mike Huckabee? A year ago he was the cynosure
of the MSM, the new face of evangelical politics who wanted to
do right by not-so-legal immigrants (or at least their kids) and
was happy to tweak the free-market fundamentalist Club for
Growth as the "Club for Greed." Now he's got got his own show
on Fox and, while nominally supporting John McCain, is ramping
up populist rage against the financial bailout in a way that avoids
any thought that deregulation policy might have gone a bit too

Yep, it's all about congressional greed and laziness. I predict that
the Club for Growth (which, incidentally, opposed the bailout but
wasn't able to come up with an alternative of its own), won't be
making life difficult for Huck in 2012.

First, I say don't count your chickens yet. Oh and you have ZERO chance for
2012 if McCain loses, especially since a star has been born:

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