Sunday, October 5, 2008

Less a Month

Posted by Teresa at 11:58 AM
Whew. We are less than a month a way from the election. I'm glad we are almost
done with this thing. It's been such a roller coaster ride. Do you remember a
year ago when everyone thought it was going to be Hillary vs. Rudy? WRONG!
Remember how a year ago everyone thought the main issue in this campaign was
going to be Iraq? WRONG! Remember how everyone was talking about the
"enthusiasm gap" among conservatives a year ago? WRONG! Remember how we
had no idea who Barack Obama was a year and half ago? Heh. Remember how
John McCain got no press coverage a year ago because no one thought he had a
chance of getting the nomination? Heh. Remember how Hillary Clinton thought she
was inevitable? Heh. Remember when Hillary and Bill Clinton use be considered
Democrats? Oh wait, they still are and they'll be voting for Barack Obama. Riiight
(wink, wink). Remember when Joe Lieberman use to be a Democrat?

Oh how things have changed. I know the election is less than a month away but
I'm going reserve predicting a winner because if there is one thing I've learned
during this election: The pundits have NO freakin' clue about what they're talking

I have an idea: Maybe we should come up with a law that says a presidential election
can only be four to five months long, not two years. That would be nice. Oh and
here's some political headlines for the day:

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