Monday, October 6, 2008 Pulls Bailout Skit

Posted by Teresa at 6:09 PM
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Why pull a skit on the bailout? Because it was semi-critical of Democrats?
Please note that all their other videos work just fine. Also, they never posted the
skit making fun of the New York Times from from a few weeks back. SNL had Al
Franken, a Democrat running for the Senate, co-write a skit. So I'm not paranoid
to think this has to do with politics. Our media is so in the tank, it's not even funny.
Years and years of comedy jokes about hearing how Bush is an idiot, every night,
and NBC pulls ONE skit that shows that both Republicans and Democrats were
responsible for the credit crisis mess from their Web site. It was quite bi-partisan.
Oh and Bush was stilled portrayed as an idiot, anyway. So what are they so afraid

Also, a reminder that since they've been having Palin skits their ratings have gone
up 49 percent, so people are paying attention to what they have to say about politics.

P.S. to people are thinking of having a career in comedy writing and performance:
Don't even think of making fun of a Democrat! You've been warned!

: It has also been pulled from, while other SNL video are working
just fine.

It also appears that users have the same questions as me.
I left a comment under "funnystuff," asking why it was removed
I'll let you know if they respond.
Here are other comments:

Update: 8:25 p.m. CST The video is now completely deleted from
the and so are the comments. Very sad because it was a
funny skit.

Update: 12:30 a.m. A commenter points out that the last couple
portrayed in the skit are actually a real couple, so that's probably
the reason it was yanked. It would be nice if NBC had put up some
kind of explanation before just pulling the video. YouTube puts
"copyright infringement" notices.
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