Monday, November 10, 2008


Posted by Teresa at 9:06 AM
I've been reading a lot of post-election reaction. One reaction by some conservatives
is to get revenge. My example:

"We have to watch this guy and not give him an inch," one McCain supporter
wrote. "The same way he criticized every move of President Bush. We have
to make things as difficult for him as he did for Bush."

Other conservatives are saying they definitely are not going to go that route.

I know the extreme left has treated President Bush heinously. I don't think they
ever gave him a chance even right after winning the elected in 2000, which saddens
me. They called him every name in book and questioned his motives at every move.
Contrary to media narrative I never thought President Bush to be overly partisan in
his tone. One of his very first actions as president was to work with Sen. Kennedy
on No Child Left Behind. I was actually somewhat surprised that he used the term
"angry left" at this year's convention. I know payback would feel good right now. It
would be cathartic to rant with anger as soon as President Obama makes his first
mistake and he will. (And, yes, he's going to slip up just like every president.) However,
I think it's time put solutions over emotions right now.

What really upset on Tuesday is that I didn't feel the extreme left deserved the
victory they got. I don't think the folks at Daily Kos deserve victory. I don't think, who endorsed Barack Obama during the primaries, deserves a win.
They've acted disgustingly the past few years. I cried last Tuesday because I feared
those people were just legitimized and they shouldn't be. There are two thing my
faith in God has showed: Grace and Forgiveness me. It is time to move on.

I guess I can solace that the voices of the angry and extreme left will probably be
muted now that conservatives are out of power. They no longer have a punching
bag. I mean who is Keith Olbermann going to name "Worst Person in the World"?
Nancy Pelosi? Although, I imagine the extreme left will be somewhat vocal of the
new administration if it doesn't fully push their agenda like they want.

There are always going to be issues that Americans aren't going to agree on. We
can argue and bicker or we can have an discussion about our differences. We can
get even or get things done. I, prefer, to get things done.
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