Monday, December 8, 2008

How About A Truce for the Holidays?

Posted by Teresa at 8:37 PM
This morning there was a protest over an atheist display at the state Capitol in

Perhaps, Christians and atheists should come to a truce when it comes to public
display of religious or non-religious speech during this holiday time. Let's really let
America be a marketplace of ideas. Let us stop trying to find any public display
of religious or non-religious speech to get outraged about. No one is going to win
the "War on Christmas."

Like clockwork, about this time of year we begin hearing news reports about
complaints about religious displays. It's especially hard to avoid conflict since
Christmas is a religious holiday. Whether it be a Christmas trees not being
called "holiday" trees or a nativity scene being displayed in a park, there's always
something to bark about for Christians and atheists alike. Today in Washington it
was an atheist sign displayed in Washington. Although, I admit the sign is quite
biting so it's not a surprise it has sparked a strong reaction.

How about we all just stop complaining? Calling a Christmas tree a Christmas tree
instead of a holiday tree shouldn't be offensive to anyone. A nativity scene being
displayed along with other religious symbols in a park is not in violation of the
establishment clause. Let the atheist organization put up their "Imagine No Religion"

We are a free country. I find no freedom when we have to walk on egg shells in public
to make sure a religious or non-religious group is not offended. People are always
going to offended at something, especially when it comes to religious beliefs. So let
them be offended.
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