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Left Wing Blogosphere Responds to SNL's Brutal Olbermann Skit

Posted by Teresa at 5:59 PM
For some reason I decided to take some time out and read someone
of the reaction in the progressive blogosphere regarding SNL's hilarious
skit on Keith Olbermann
. I wanted to see if the left has a sense of humor
about themselves. To be fair, most comments I read stated they thought
the skit was funny. However, some were not to happy with the lambasting
of Mr. Olbermann. Here are some reactions:

From Huffington Post:

Satire, done well is an art form. Keith Olbermann is a talented
journalist first, a commentator second. This SNL skit didn't

Um, Olbermann is not a journalist, he's a political commentator.

From Huffington Post:

Mildly amusing. But I've never seen Keith cut off a guest and on
the real show one gets the impression that Wolf is a respected
colleague, so that part didn't hold up too well. Lampooning liberal
ideas just isn't as funny.

Don't mock liberals!

From Huffington Post:

Olbermann is sometimes a histrionic windbag, yes, but he's
not morally at sea. This sketch was misplaced.

Better to take on real hate speech: Michael Savage, Rush
Limbaugh, and leave the mistakes of someone who is fundamentally
trustworthy to correct themselves.

Keith Olbermann fundamentally trustworthy? That's news to me!

From the Huffington Post:

NOT funny! Other than the piped in Laughs!

Very Mean Spirited!

Pure attack on Olbermann! Typical Republican Attack, like on Obama!

SNL is part of it!

Tries to save BUSH, but NOT Successful!

Typical Republican attack? LOL! Does this commenter not know that Ben
Affleck is a long time Democrat. He even said it in the opening of the show!

More attacks on Mr. Affleck from Huffington Post:

Affleck seemed to be channeling Ron Silver's bitter political split
with his formerly Democratic and liberal ideals.

Not SNL's finest hour. Maybe a hint of the depths they'll channel
after the election.

Again, all signs show that Mr. Affleck is good ol' liberal and a Barack Obama
supporter. Perhaps, he just thinks Olbermann is a joke. I mean I've heard
late night comics (who skewer Republicans much more than Democrats)
mock Keith Olbermann and MSNBC.

A Crooks and Liar commenter thinks the skit is dishonest:

BUT a dishonest skit. Olbermann's outrage is NEVER glib
or facile. For a long time, his was the ONLY voice on teevee
who dared call these evil corrupt disgraceful bastards out.
The only one.

Also note the free bit of rehabilitation for the Chimp - like
he's been unfairly attacked - my arse! Get ready for the
weepy farewell media tributes.

Olbermann has gone through the being IGNORED stage;
now the RIDICULE stage begins.

Oh also, he'll have the stones to highlight this on Countdown
so unlike all the other brave media figures who distain their
well-deserved critics.

Another Crooks and Liar commenter (edited):

They tolerate right wing extremist points of view as mainstream.

After all, we are now the country in the industrialized world with
40+ million citizens sans health insurance, heck indian reservations
have infant mortality rates as bad as certain 3rd world parts of
Africa, we have conducted a war of aggression against a country
that never attacked us that has caused probably close to 1 million
casualties in a country of less than 30 million people. And we are
a society stupid enough to give our money to the bankers, so that
they can loan us our very own money under some ridiculous
interests... talk about f-ing stupid! And yet so in line with
conservative ideals...

But someone dares been pissed of about that, and oh... noes...
he is a lefty extremist!!! Oh... gosh... think of the children.

A nation of f-ing idiots, that is what we are. BTW, if some people
here consider Olbermann's opinion as left extremist, I would
recommend these fools to not read some really left leaning
international press. You may get the shock of your life time.
You know, people out there having the indecency of fighting for
a more equalitarian society, with decent standards of living,
health care and quality of environment, and peace. That is
so f-ing extremist!!!!

Another attack on Affleck from Crooks and Liars:

Affleck's viscous spoof naievely pushed the hard liners view,
that the true Left is wrong in it's boldness, it's opposition to
the Right's pro-business, pro-Wall Sreet agenda. And that we
little citizens should all just be quiet and not make a stir - those
in power are all knowing.

Affleck is not the first of the Hollywood politico's to play the
monkey in a time of crisis, but it was the worst I've ever seen
at the worst time in our history. He therefore wins my very first
'Stupidest Person in the Whole Word" award. And beating out
Sarah or George was quite a feat.

This is probably the funniest. A Hollywood liberal is not left-wing enough
for these people. LOL!
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