Monday, December 29, 2008

Caroline Kennedy, You've Just Been Palin-ized!

Posted by Teresa at 1:30 PM
I sorta touched on the media double standards in the whole Caroline Kennedy vs.
Sarah Palin qualifications debate in my last post. Ace writes this in response to an
Op-ed published in yesterday's edition of Washington Post:

Meanwhile, it is believed that Sarah Palin did some light volunteering work
herself, raising the profile of Alaska by accepting the figurehead position of "governor."

Avoiding the press? Check.

Giving answers in a sometimes-unpolished vernacular? Check.

Unable at times to clearly answer questions? Check.

But Princess Caroline is just like other women, so she's qualified,
unlike Sarah Palin, who's unlike many other women in the sense
that she's been the governor of a state and has negotiated multibillion
dollar deals with large oil companies and foreign governments.

Also note that with Sarah Palin off the stage (for the moment), it's
safe once again for the MSM to begin pedaling the sexism card.
Sexism was an important concern when Hillary was running; then
not so much when Palin was being attacked; and now that Princess
Caroline is running asking her relatives to make phone calls to get
her appointed, it's back.

Funny how the timing always works out so joyously to liberals'
benefit. Why, if I didn't know any better, I'd suspect some
of double-standard or something.

I wonder if the double standard also has to do with Gov. Palin's looks.
Here me out now. She's a former beauty queen. The left called her
"Caribou Barbie." Tina Fey's now famous impression (which is getting
her major props from the media) made sure to remind us she's a former
beauty queen:

In my previous post about women in politics I noted that woman politicos are
stereotyped as either Elle Woods (high maintenance beauty queens) or Tracy
Flick (cold, calculating, and overly driven). Gov. Palin was carefully painted as the
Elle Woods, beauty queen type by the left, therefore, one can question her credentials
and intellect. Caroline Kennedy, however, has not been casted as the Elle Woods
stereotype, therefore, in their mindset it's sexist to question her resume or intellect
even if she does sound like teenager, you know? It was just a bad interview! You

I don't think it's sexist to question a woman's qualifications, you know. However, I do
think it's sexist to question one can be a mother and do her job (as happened with Gov.
). I still don't think the media realizes their double standard.

If Caroline Kennedy ends up being Senator Caroline Kennedy, it's because she was not
successfully 'Palin-ized'. So even though Caroline Kennedy and Sarah Palin have
similarities; weak resumes, carefully managed, unpolished vernacular, only one was a
former beauty queen. And with our superficial media does that make a difference?
You betcha!

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