Thursday, December 11, 2008

'Recount' Gets Five Gloden Globe Nominations

Posted by Teresa at 9:30 AM
The HBO film "Recount" received five Golden Globe nominations this morning.
I watched the beginning of this movie and I had to change the channel. The main
reasons I changed the channel were because it was dull and poorly written. Also, it
included an extreme bias. Here's an awkward clip from the movie:

Yes, this movie just got nominated for an award. If these award shows were really
about honoring excellence in television and movies, the whole Hollywood crowd should
have laughed out loud that this movie was nominated for anything. The script was
bad. The acting, even though Kevin Spacey was one of the actors, was lackluster. Is
there any doubt why no one watches these Hollywood award shows anymore? They
pick movies that are boring and no one watches just so they pat themselves on the
back that are really sticking it to conservatives.
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