Monday, December 1, 2008

Weak Talking Points

Posted by Teresa at 10:06 PM
There has been much talk lately about how the GOP can rebuild its
brand since losing a few weeks ago. I have an idea: How about getting
better spokespeople of conservative ideas on television than Sean Hannity?
My goodness did you this interview:

This guy Deepak Chopra is completely nutty and said some really stupid
stuff in this interview and Hannity had no good responses. Absolutely weak.
How his radio and television show get good ratings is beyond me. Chopra claimed
that terrorism is caused by poverty and lack of education, which is nonsense.
The 9/11 hijackers were not poor and uneducated. Osama bin Laden is not
poor and uneducated. Hannity does not call him out in his faulty claim. Chopra
goes on to make the "cycle of violence" claim - if we fight back against the
terrorists it will just create more violence. This claim is also total hogwash.
Terrorists and their ideology can be defeated, we just can't do a half ass job.
Hannity again has no useful response to Chopra's claim.

Can someone please give me an example of a conservative on television who
can do at least a half decent job of knocking down ridiculous liberal claims?
I'm sorry I can't find one. While the GOP is rebuilding the party, they might
also want to think about finding new people to represent them in the media.
Because the people supposedly representing conservative ideas are absolutely
weak and doing a really poor job of it.
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