Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gov. Palin on Olbermann: 'That guys is Evil!'

Posted by Teresa at 8:49 AM
John Ziegler has an editorial on his recent interview with Gov. Palin and
she has some choice words about Keith Olbermann:

Conservatives will be thrilled to know that she immediately “got”
and seemed to fully appreciate my joke that Pete Wilson (and not
Arnold Schwarzenegger) would go down as the last Republican
Governor in the history of California, If that wasn’t enough, when
she looked at the back cover of my first film (“Blocking the Path
to 9/11” and saw the photo of one of
the film’s targets, Keith Olbermann, she literally let out a shriek
and, pointing to his photogragh, declared, “THAT guy is EVIL!”

Whatever you think about Gov. Palin at least she recognizes good and bad
when she sees it. It's called judgment!

Is there any doubt who will be Countdown's "Worst Person in the World"
tonight? Yes, Gov. Palin. There's a war between the Israelis and Palestinians.
American troops are fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. But, yes, Keith
Olbermann, Gov. Palin is the worst person in the WORLD!
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