Monday, January 19, 2009

Comics Still Struggling

Posted by Teresa at 10:12 PM
I want comics to stop saying there is nothing funny about Barack
Obama. I've already made list of things these pitiful professional comedy
writers can joke about before. But since they continue to have problems, I'll
see if I can help some more.

Really there is nothing hilarious about our first president that's trying to be
some type of pop icon? Really there is nothing funny about a president who
picked this guy for his VP:

These professional comics can't make a joke about having his mother-in-law
moving into the White House with the family
? Really? No jokes about hiring
a guy who failed to pay his taxes to oversee a governmental department that
handles taxes? Really? Or how about a joke about running a two year campaign
about making a clean break from the failed policies of the last administration
and "change," just to keep on board some of the major players of the Bush
administration? LOL! I was just kidding about that whole change stuff!!!

Or how about a joke about a lavish inauguration amid what is suppose to be the
hardest economic period America's witnessed in decades? The joke practically
writes itself: Reports are estimating that Obama's inauguration could end up
costing $170 million. Apparently, this is all part of his "spread the wealth
around" economic philosophy. Throw a big party to get the economy up and

But I guess there's nothing funny about Barack Obama or his administration.
You are right Chris Rock!
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