Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Different Between Left and Right Wing Meanies

Posted by Teresa at 3:53 PM

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I know the left and right wing like to debate about who is more mean-
spirited, each claim to be more civil. I would say there are loudmouths
on both side of aisles. However, I would admit there is one difference. The
difference between left and right wing meanies is this: Right wing
meanies actually get scrutiny by the media.

Yesterday, Ann Coulter and Bill Maher had a debate. If both Ms. Coulter
and Mr. Maher were to do several media appearances tomorrow, who do
you think would most likely get reprimanded by their interviewer for their
past remarks? My bet would Ann Coulter, even though Bill Maher has a
long history of saying controversial statements. And it way it might even
be a blessing in disguise. Conservatives have to defend themselves under
scrutiny, thus, helping them fine tune the message.

Update: Also, conservative loudmouths don't get this close to the U.S. Senate.
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