Sunday, March 8, 2009

Moral High Ground

Posted by Teresa at 5:06 PM
The media are currently portraying Republicans as a bunch of obstructionists who
don't want President Obama to succeed. Patterico has posted a poll done by Fox News
in 2006 that showed that most Democrats said they didn't want President Bush
to succeed:

Patterico writes:

Have this poll handy the next time some Democrat gets snooty about
Rush wanting Obama to fail. It’s proof that the Democrats didn’t want
Bush to succeed. They have no standing to claim the moral high
ground. None

I think he has a good point. The Dems have had their fair share of taking cheap
shots at Republicans.

Speaking of cheap shots, today CNN's Howard Kutz pointed out an incediary
comment made by a fellow host on CNN that hasn't gotten media attention.
Kurtz and his panel on Reliable Sources where discussing D.L. Hughley's
interview with RNC Chairman Michael Steele (the interview where Mr. Steele
rightly threw Rush Limbaugh under the bus) and Kurtz said this:

KURTZ: One other thing I want to mention is, in that interview
with D.L. Hughley, who, coincidentally, his show has now been
dropped this week by CNN, Hughley said -- and this totally got
missed by the media -- that the Republican convention
looks like Nazi Germany. And I don't understand
how he could
get away with saying that. I think that is an

I want to get to the issue that Joan raised at the top about Paul
Begala and James Carville.

So in an interview where the RNC Chairman was rebuking an outrageous pundit,
the interviewer himself makes some outrageous statements. The irony!

I do want to add that I don't think it's enough for conservatives to point out
the mean-spirited of the other side to take the moral high ground. We actually
have to not be mean-spirited ourselves. That will make all the difference!
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