Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kos & Media Regulation

Posted by Teresa at 3:11 PM
Building off the post that I published last week, I would like to further note the
hypocrisy of the left when it comes to media regulation. Today I happen to be reading
some of the comments over at Daily Kos, a progressive blog site. For some reason this
comment stood out:

It's about the hanky wringing drama of "Keith and Rachel please stop
....." blech

If you don't like their shows don't watch and BTW, they are very
different shows. Yes, you will get attention with these diaries, and that's what
it's all about right?
I guess I was struck by the "If you don't like it, don't watch" attitude. It is a
dismissive attitude. And there lies the hypocrisy of the Daily Kos commenters.
How can the hard left be so dismissive about a "news" program on a cable news
network when they want more government regulation of our news media? This
dismissive attitude on Daily Kos is ironic because it is coming from a blog whose
founder once lamented about the profit margins of "Big Media." Just in case you
aren't aware when the left puts "Big" in front of something, that means they want
to regulate it. "Big Insurance" = government should universalize health insurance.
"Big Tobacco" = government regulation over the tobacco industry. "Big Oil" =
more government regulation over the oil industry. One diarist at Daily Kos openly
called for more government regulation over the media.

The commenters over at Daily Kos have an opportunity to speak truth to power
to someone who is involved in "Big Media," Keith Olbermann, and what do they do?
The vast majority (not all) simply dismiss the criticism over Olbermann's
irresponsible journalism. Hey my buddies over Daily Kos, if you want to call for more
government regulation of our news outlets then you need a much better response
to criticisms then "If you don't like it, don't watch it." Because if you all had your way
we might not have too many options when it comes to news sources.
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