Friday, June 12, 2009

Why Is Bigotry Against Christians Widely Accepted in Hollywood?

Posted by Teresa at 7:16 PM
In the same mode of Saved! the entertainment business makes another film
whose sole purpose is to mock Christians. Here is the trailer:

I don't want to be thin-skinned but I don't know what else to call this but
pure and simple bigotry against Christians. Am I overreacting? If you
think I am overreacting let me ask you a questions: If someone made
a film that mocked Judaism, Hinduism, or Islam so crudely would you call it
bigotry? I think most people would call it bigotry. So why is bigotry against
Christians acceptable in Hollywood? I don't get it. Hollywood is always trying
to be politically correct and not wanting to offend people. But such sensitivity
is not granted to devout Christians. Don't get me wrong: I don't want
Hollywood to walk to on eggshells to appease Christians. I actually
finding it exhilarating that such a morally confused crowd such as Hollywood
have such an aversion to Christians. If we are a target it must because we are
making an impact. I want to make an impact.

I do find interesting that in this film they choose to target contemporary
Christian music. Hollywood has had a grip on our American culture for such
a long time. Right now the music industry is in decline. CD sales are on a
sharp decline
. It is no longer the huge money maker it once was. However,
Christian music and radio stations are rising not waning in influence. My local
area keeps adding Christian stations, not subtracting. So they want to attack
the Christian music industry because it is successful.

Another thing that bothers me about the video is how much it misrepresents
Christians. I go to church, small groups and listen to Christian music and nothing
in that video remotely reflects the experiences I've had. I believe many
disagreements start with misunderstandings. With these type of bash Christian
films, I sometimes get the feeling they have no clue what they are talking or had
a brief encounter with an evangelical Christian and that formed their opinion of the
whole community. Hollywood likes to portray itself as open-minded and multi-cultural.
They think it is cool travel the globe. Perhaps, in all their open-mindedness and globe
trotting they can take some time to visit a church and talk to an evangelical Christian
and find out we are not as nutty as they portray us.
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