Thursday, July 30, 2009

On Obama's Slipping Polls Numbers

Posted by Teresa at 10:23 AM
President Obama's poll numbers are slipping. I think I've said before in my
blog and I'll say it again: We are living in a era of a hyper-partisan divide.
It is going to take a generation, I hope, to get over. I didn't expect Obama to
heal the partisan divide. I also think ever since the 1960s the generations
keep getting more cynical. Many in our nation believe the worst of their
government and the people that hold political office. They even believe untruth.
The Radical Left thought was Bush was a fascist, warmonger who only started
wars for oil and to get back his daddy. The Radical Right believes in conspiratorial
nonsense like President Obama not being born in Hawaii.

So in this toxic atmosphere how in the world could we expect a president to
sustain high approval ratings?
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