Sunday, July 12, 2009

Republicans are Just Tokens!

Posted by Teresa at 4:48 PM
This diary from the Daily Kos really has me mad:

So, yeah. As long as Republicans choose to elevate women based on the
hope that voters will be fooled into thinking that woman on ticket = policy
stances friendly to women, families, and working people, it is not only not
sexist to call that out for what it is, it's sexist not to.

Sadly, this is a question relevant not only to Palin; Republicans are not
averse to running this play again and again. So we're told by Republican
that, in New Hampshire, Kelly Ayotte is a particularly strong
candidate because she's a mother of young children, that Ayotte, like Palin,
is a strong candidate because she's an outsider, because:

Like Obama, they don't have to talk the talk of change. They are change.

That is what Republicans want us to believe, that policies don't matter,
that tokenism produces meaningful change. We see it too with RNC chair
Michael Steele -- Republicans responding to the election of an African
American president by getting an African American spokesperson of their
own...and not changing a thing about the policies that lead on the order of
90% of African American voters to vote for Democrats even when Barack
Obama is not on the ticket.

If we pull back from criticizing the tokens Republicans throw up to stand
in the way of real change, we legitimize the strategy. In discussing -- mocking,
criticizing -- the tokens themselves, we of course must be respectful of their
humanity, and should always remember that the individual is not the real
issue. But unqualified is unqualified, unethical is unethical, bad on the issues
is bad on the issues, and it would be a disservice to the nation not to say so.

So when Democrats elect some from a minority community or a woman it is all
genuine and when Republicans elect someone with a diverse background it is just
"tokenism." I'm Hispanic and female so I must be a just another "token" for the
Republican Party. It doesn't matter that I don't agree with the Democrat Party, they
must dismiss me and others like me as a tokens. Maybe that is why the left hates
Gov. Palin so much because they portray all Republicans as old white males and
she is not. She must absolutely destroyed.

Well I'm not an old white male Republican and I'm no token either. Just because
the folks over at Daily Kos want to call you sexist and racist for not agreeing
with them doesn't make it true. Oh and also calling Gov. Palin and Michael Steele
tokens doesn't make me want to rush to the left side of the aisle either.
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