Thursday, July 16, 2009

When Did Conan O'Brien Become A Partisan Hack?

Posted by Teresa at 8:43 AM
I've been watching Conan O'Brien for years and I don't remember
ever him being this political:

Is he trying to get some of the viewers from Jon Stewart by being a hyper-partisan
like him ? If so, he's making a big mistake. The success of The Tonight Show has
always been that it draws in a wide audience. Jon Stewart draws the young crowd
and that is really about it. Traditionally The Tonight Show has been a place
were it is not hyper-partisan. Both Carson and Leno made fun of people from
both sides of the aisle and that part of the reason why they got such good ratings.
If O'Brien wants to turn the show into a hyper-partisan comedy hour like Jon
Stewart and David Letterman he's competing in a area where there is already
plenty of other material. Thus I predict The Tonight Show will no longer be
"number one in late night television."

And really a Bush and Cheney joke? Still. They've been out of office for half
a year. Bush has hardly made any media appearances so there is no new angle
to Bush jokes.
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